5 affordable ways to promote your online store

5 affordable ways to promote your online store

The success of any online stores is promotions and the effort you put into marketing your products. There are five affordable ways to promote your online stores.

  1. Get in contact with bloggers and social media influencers.

You can approach them through giving out free samples of key products, provide different discount codes to followers, and offer free guest blog posts. It needs to be natural and the products should be aligned with their brand.

  1. Publishing YouTube videos are the second most popular social media platform.

There are many helpful ideas for a YouTube video, such as product showcases, by which you highlight the main product features, give tutorials on how to use your products, and unboxing videos. You can easily use online videos for cross-promotions.

  1. Create quality content, such as blogs.

Blogging is great for explaining the products’ benefits, why you started the brand and what the brand stands for. Blogs helps with writing content, that answers the question of potential buyers. It shows off the expertise’s through product guides, tutorials, and comparison posts that would feature the products of your brand and your competitors’.

  1. Improving your SEO for more traffic and attention from search engines such as Google.

There are key optimization techniques, such as getting backlinks from reputable websites, getting attention-grabbing titles and descriptions and using the best keywords, so that the users can find the store.

  1. Google Ads.

Online promotion requires a budget, but you will be able to see returns. Google Ads is a highly targeted way for promoting online stores, where one can spend as much or as little money as you would like. Google Ads commands 73% of the market share for search advertising. You’ll need to test out multiple campaigns until you find the best one for you, and then focus on the ads.

Promote your online stores without going over the budget.

Paid promotion strategies do work, but can be expensive. When putting a lot of money into marketing, it bound to get more attention, but can be done without a huge budget. These techniques above, has the potential to impact your store growth.


Source: (Xneelo)