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Instagram is currently experimenting with a new feature that gives users the ability to preview how their feed posts will appear on their profile grid before posting. This feature allows users to ensure that each update fits seamlessly into their overall Instagram aesthetic!

Displayed by Nadja Bella Marrero on LinkedIn, some users are now encountering a “Show preview” button in the post composer process. Tapping on this button reveals a preview of where the post will slot into the current profile format, including pinned posts.

Social media expert Linsey Gamble has proposed an alternate version of this button, which could simplify the process of maintaining the overall theme and vibe of your profile. This helps ensure that every post aligns with the user’s chosen approach to their Instagram presence.

While not a groundbreaking change in functionality, this update offers a practical tool for users to make informed decisions about what and when to post on Instagram, maximising their profile’s impact. Consistency is crucial for building a strong in-app presence, and having the ability to preview posts before publishing can greatly assist in achieving this goal.

Currently, the preview option is available for single images, videos, and carousel updates, excluding Reels feed posts. It remains unclear which users have access to this feature, the extent of the testing, and plans for a wider release. 

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