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TikTok has rolled out a cool new video editing trick that simplifies the process of swapping out your video’s background. The freshly introduced “Cutout” editing feature allows you to effortlessly trade your video’s backdrop with an alternate scene by singling out the main subject of the clip.

This essentially mirrors the green screen effect that users have been employing on the platform for quite some time. However, the Cutout option brings an added layer of editing power without the need for meticulous preplanning. This could come in handy in scenarios where your surroundings don’t quite cut it visually or if getting the lighting just right proves to be a challenge.

Perhaps there’s something in the background you’d rather keep hidden, or maybe you’re just curious about experimenting with different settings. Regardless of your motive, it stands as another valuable editing tool that might just elevate your TikTok game.

You’ll find the new Cutout feature nestled within the editing tools of the TikTok composer. So, dive into the possibilities and let your creativity run wild with this latest addition!

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