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WhatsApp Introduces Video Messages to Take Chats to the Next Level

WhatsApp has introduced video messages, which, like voice messages, allow you to incorporate video snippets into your WhatsApp chats.

“Video messages are a real-time way to respond to chats in 60 seconds with whatever you want to say and show.” We believe these will be a great way to share events with all the passion that video brings, whether it is wishing someone a happy birthday, laughing at a joke, or delivering good news”, Whatsapp said.

This would put WhatsApp more in line with other social and messaging platforms in terms of enabling video connections, which have already been the preferred interactive option in most applications.

This functionality is not the same as ordinary WhatsApp video calls. You may record and send short 60-second personal films immediately in the chat using WhatsApp Instant Video Message. This tool does not allow you to send pre-recorded videos.

To record a video message, tap the screen to enter video mode, then hold to capture the video.

You may also lock and record the video hands-free by swiping up. 

When accessed in a conversation, videos will play on silent by default, and pressing on the video will start the sound. End-to-end encryption protects video messages, ensuring the security of your messages.

However, if you have downloads enabled, they may begin to jam up your Camera Roll. 

The option gives another means to improve connectivity in the app, which might have a variety of applications.

According to WhatsApp, video messages will be available to everyone ‘in the coming weeks’.

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WhatsApp Introduces Video Messages to Take Chats to the Next Level

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