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What’s new with Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has launched a new update named ‘Communities’. This cool feature provides new functionality in group chats.

With Communities, users can now connect related group chats under one single banner, which will assist them in better organising group chats and keeping track of the broader context around a topic. Large communities of people, such as parents of school children, a church, or even a sports team can now connect multiple groups together under one large umbrella.

Each one of these new communities will have a description of what the community is for and will show a menu of sub-groups within a specific community that members can choose if they want to join or not.

This is a great opportunity for brands to build community over Whatsapp, as they can collect brand-related chats all in one place. This will prove to be very effective as there has been a significant shift towards sharing content via DMs. This is now considered the preferred way of sharing content over posting social content.

Other new features include being able to send larger files, more emoji reactions, group audio calls, and more! These updates make it even easier to connect and engage with different people who might share the same interests.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to expand your networks!!

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