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Read More on Pinterest’s New Video Content Approach in Partnership with The Louvre

Are you an art lover?

Pinterest has recently partnered with The Louvre in an effort to allow users to experience the historic art gallery through videos within the Pinterest app.

This exciting video series will take users behind the scenes, showing them unseen elements of the different spaces, allowing for better engagement. The original videos share the museum’s historic art pieces and stunning architecture throughout the centuries. The content features various tours to discover the collections, the museum’s courtyard, and the staircases, including other unusual or unseen places.

The reason for this new feature is to expand Pinterest’s original programming, placing more focus on making it a destination for entertainment, in addition to shopping as this remains one of the app’s key focuses. Pinterest has also expressed that it will further explore boosting its live-streaming credentials.

You can expect to see more original programs being slowly introduced across Pinterest’s platform, such as content on topics like cooking, travel, and decoration. It is no secret that live streaming has become an integral part of ecommerce, which can be seen in almost all platforms adopting in-app selling structures.

In China, live-stream shopping is now considered habitual behaviour. Western cultures are not yet comfortable with this trend, however, if it does catch on it has the potential to become a massive business opportunity. In addition, this could also provide a lifeline for creators through direct monetization in-app.

Pinterest now considered itself as a ‘discovery platform’ placing majority of its focus on products. While the new Louvre content encourages user engagement through cultural history and thematic content, the long-term goal is aimed at using entertaining videos to present better selling opportunities.

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