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Meta has made content on Facebook Reels available to creators around the world, which will give another monetization avenue for short-form creators in the app.

As Meta notes, by using the Branded Content Label, business partners will receive a notification when your post goes out and will receive criteria regarding its performance. Meta further notes that all creator content that features a brand or product for an exchange of value must tag that business to stay within Meta’s promotional guidelines.

Meta first enabled the use of the branded Content tag for Instagram Reels back in 2020, so it is by no means a new idea. By Facebook Reels creators using the tag, it will provide further capacity for brands to meet with fellow influencers in their niche and region on Facebook Reels promotions.

Facebook continues to revamp its algorithmic and policy approaches, while it has also been prioritising Reels and short-form video content. It would be a good idea to incorporate more video content on your social platforms this summer holiday. The option will also add to Meta’s steadily growing suite of monetization options for Reel creators, which includes its Reels Play Bonus Program and new ad options in development.

In some ways, it’s crazy to see the emphasis that Meta is putting on reels, but with 50% of all time spent on Facebook now taken up by video consumption and short-form videos being the trend of the moment, it also makes sense, as Meta tries to find new ways of keeping a hold on its follower base and trying to stop them migrating to TikTok.

All Reels creators who conform to Meta’s Partner Monetisation and Branded Content programs will be eligible to use the Partnership Content Tool as soon as possible! Keep your eyes peeled!

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